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 How to enroll?

Enrolling in the State of Florida Deferred Compensation Plan is easy!

Enrolling in your plan through AIG Retirement Services is a great place to start building the financial future you envision. Our simple enrollment process allows you to choose the best path for your retirement goals.


To make your contribution election and to choose your investment provider, select Enroll Now. Or, to increase or restart your contributions, select Increase Contributions


You can enroll with AIG Retirement Services with your financial professional, online or by phone.  

Then, make your investment selections on this website. If you do not have your account set up, please register for online account access. (After  you enroll, proceed to Step 3 at the bottom of this web page.)

To enroll with your financial professional: 

Remember, you don't have to go it alone. Contact your financial professional for personalized enrollment assistance.

To enroll online: 

Click on the appropriate link below to access our Simplified Online Enrollment System and follow the prompts.

Enrollment by location and plan type

State of Florida Employee

State employee paid monthly

State employee paid biweekly

State Board of Administration

SBA employee paid monthly

Division of Rehab and Liquidation

DR&L employee paid monthly

Suwannee River

SR employee paid biweekly

Florida A&M

FAMU employee paid biweekly

Tri-County Commuter Rail

TCR employee paid biweekly

Florida Atlantic University

FAU employee paid biweekly University of Central Florida UCF employee paid biweekly

Florida Gulf Coast

FGCU employee paid biweekly

University of Florida

UF employee paid biweekly

Florida International

FIU employee paid biweekly

University of North Florida

UNF employee paid biweekly

Florida Polytechnic University

To enroll, Polytechnic University employees should complete the State of Florida Deferred Compensation EZ form and follow the processing instructions at the bottom of the form. Please contact your local financial professional, Ryan DeWitt , for assistance at 813-422-4312.

University of South Florida

USUSF employee paid biweekly employee paid biweekly

Florida State University

FSU employee paid biweekly

University of West Florida

UWF employee paid biweekly

New College Florida

NCF employee paid biweekly


To enroll by phone: 

Find out your access code and contact an Enrollment Specialist to enroll by phone. 


After you complete enrollment, you will need to make your investment selections by logging into your AIGRS account. If you do not have your account set up, you will need to register first for online account access.